Place of origin
Gross-Zimmern, Hessen-Darmstadt
Johann Adolph Steinbrecher was married in Gross-Zimmern on 24 February 1743 to Maria Barbara Dietrich. She was born on 16 March 1713 in nearby Spachbrücken.
Their son Johann David was born in Gross-Zimmern on 22 June 1745. He married on 14 May 1765 to Eleonora Schneider in Lübeck in route to Russia.
The family moved to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein) where they settled in the colony of Neubörm. They arrived in Dönhof on 21 July 1766 and are listed there on the 1767 Census in Households No. 10 (Adolf & Maria Barbara) and No. 23 (David & Eleonora).
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Gerhard Lang
Brent Mai
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