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Düdelsheim, Isenburg, Hesse, Germany
Johann Adam Eurich, son of Caspar Eurich of Isenburg, married 14 October 1755 in Düdelsheim to Anna Catharina, daughter of Johann Georg & Julianna Dietzel. She was baptized on 1 February 1728 in Düdelsheim. They and their son, Johann Adam who was baptized 24 August 1755 in Düdelsheim, are recorded on the 1767 Census of Balzer in Household No. 42.
Lorenz Eurich, son of Ludwig Eurich, is often recorded in the parish records of Düdelsheim as Laurentius Eÿring. He married Susanna Katharina Knaus of Düdelsheim on 19 November 1744. She died and was buried in Düdelsheim on 5 December 1759. Widower Lorenz immigrated to Russia with his children: Wilhelmina (baptized 28 October 1745); Johann Heinrich (baptized 19 February 1747); Johannes (baptized 26 May 1749); Balthasar (baptized 7 March 1751); and Johann Conrad (baptized 8 July 1753). They are recorded on the 1767 Census of Balzer in Household No. 47.
A descendant family moved to Kukkus .
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