The Vision

The Center for Volga German Studies supports research into and preservation of the heritage, history, traditions and accomplishments of the Volga Germans. The Center seeks knowledge and understanding of the relevance of Volga Germans yesterday, today and tomorrow. As a research center, it seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What does the study of Volga German history teach us about yesterday?
  • What difference does a Volga German heritage make today? 
  • What impact will knowledge and understanding of Volga German history make on tomorrow?


Critical study of distinctive cultural histories and experiences can transform our understanding of society. Creative collaboration among researchers interested in the Volga Germans and their descendants will generate a deeper appreciation of how this group has contributed profoundly to history, culture, language, politics and faith all over the world.

See our CVGS 2019-1021 Goals and Activities. We value your interest and participation!

Map showing original Volga German colonies.