Lutheran Church
      Soon after the founding of Katharinenstadt, a Reformed parish was established in north Katharinenstadt and a Lutheran Parish in south Katharinenstadt. The Reformed pastors of the Katharinenstadt (North) parish served the Wiesenseite's Reformed colonies. The Lutheran pastors of the Katharinenstadt (South) parish served the Wiesenseite's original 21 Lutheran colonies. Beginning in 1820, the distinction between Reformed and Lutheran parishes was removed by Imperial Edict. In September 1905, the North and South parishes were merged into a single Katharinenstadt parish.
      The first Lutheran church building in Katharinenstadt was a wooden structure. It was replaced in by a Kontor-style brick building located nearby that was whitewashed inside and out. The new church was dedicated on 26 March 1846. The Lutheran Church had a massive steeple with a four-sided clock in the top section. The clock functioned until the deportation of the Germans from Katharinenstadt in 1941. An organ built by the Walker company in Ludwigsburg (Germany) was installed in 1895. Soviet authorities dismantled the steeple in 1956 claiming that bricks were needed for other official buildings. The building was used as a Cultural Center and then movie theatre. It was officially returned to use as a church (Holy Trinity Lutheran Church) in 1993 and renovated in 2002.
South Katharinenstadt Parish:
Ludwig Balthasar Wernborner (1768-1774)
Gottlieb May (1778-?)
Johann Heinrich Buck (1794-1820)
Karl Friedrich Wahlberg (1821-1877)
Karl Erich Wahlberg (1861-1862)
Gotthilf Heinrich Keller (1878-1906)
Richard Keller (Associate, 1886-1888)

North Katharinenstadt Parish:

Johann Georg Herwig (1767-1769)
Hartmann von Moos (1779-1803)
Johann Samuel Huber (1807-1820)
Emanuel Grunauer (1820-1823)
Peter Heinrich Abraham Haag (1827-1848)
Karl Heinrich Thomas (1852-1860)
Friedrich Wilhelm Dsirne (1860-1872)
Isaak Theophil Keller (1873-1906)
Richard Keller (1877-1882)

Merged Parish:

Paul Friedrich von Kuhlberg (1906-1918)
Arthur Julius Kluck (1920-1927)
Vladimir K. Rodikow (2002-)
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Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church (1917)

Katharinenstadt with the Lutheran church at the end of the square (1897).

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.
Interior (1917).
Courtesy of Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Rußland, 1972.

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church
during the demolition of the steeple
in 1956.

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.
Exterior (2009).
Courtesy of Ekaterina Govorova.

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.
Interior-rear during restoration (2001).
Courtesy of Vladimir Günther.

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.
Interior following restoration (2003).
Courtesy of Johannes Herber.

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.
From Parish Website (2014).

Katharinenstadt Lutheran Church.
From Parish Website (2014).