Balzer Settlers
Balzer was founded on 28 August 1765 by the arrival of 9 families from Germany. Over the next two years, additional families settled in Balzer. The heads of these families are listed below by their date of arrival in Balzer.
28 August 1765 (9 families: 16 male; 18 female)
Balzer Barthuli (from Hesse)
Jakob Tischler (from Gladbach, Rhine Pr.)
Phillipp Decker (from Kurpfalz)
Jakob Scheck (from Kurpfalz)
Heinrich Heft (from Kurpfalz)
         with Heft: Valentine Haberman, age 16 (from Isenburg)
Leonhard Volz (from Earldom Hohenlohe)
Ludwig Tebele (from Earldom Hohenlohe)
Christoph Karl (from Löenstein)
Georg Robertus (from Switzerland)
26 November 1765 (2 families: 7 male; 8 female)
Georg Merkel (from Switzerland)
Jakob Herzog (from Kurpfalz)
28 March 1766 (21 families; 39 male; 42 female)
Jakob Borell (from Baden-Baden)
Jakob Klein Sr. (from Baden-Baden)
Georg Borell (from Baden-Baden)
Jakob Klein Jr. (from Baden-Baden)
Georg Berg (from Hesse-Darmstadt)
Michael Bär (from Hesse-Darmstadt)
Johannes Möhser (from Switzerland)
Jakob Spädt (from Kurpfalz)
Johannes Buseck (from Kurpfalz)
Philipp Eichner (from Kurpfalz)
Peter Steinpreis (from Kurpfalz)
Wilhelm Kolb (from Kurpfalz)
Jakob Gropp (from Kurpfalz)
Michael Heckmann (from Kurpfalz)
Johannes Bauer (from Kurpfalz)
Adam Heckmann (from Kurpfalz)
Paul Stöhr (from Kurpfalz)
Ludwig Huber (from Kurpfalz)
Jakob Busch (from Kurpfalz)
Ludwig Bauer (from Kurpfalz)
Valentin Hoffmann (from Kurpfalz)
26 April 1766 (2 families; 3 male; 2 female)
Wilhelm Geist (from Kurpfalz)
Konrad Ritter (from Kurpfalz)
28 June 1766 (1 family; 1 male; 1 female)
Jakob Dorlosch (from Hesse)
1 June 1767 (6 families; 10 male; 4 female)
Heinrich Triol (from Isenburg)
Georg Idt (from Isenburg)
Johannes Heimbuch (from Isenburg)
Lorenz Kalbin (from Isenburg)
Jost Erth (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Heimbuch (from Isenburg)
       Later moved to Müller.
4 June 1767
Jakob Herbel (unmarried, from Hesse)
       Moved to Dreispitz in the fall.
18 June 1767 (36 families; 62 male; 57 female)
Johann Heinrich Weisheim (from Isenburg)
Maria Sophie Weisheim (widow, from Isenburg)
Konrad Grasmück (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Wuckert (from Isenburg)
Konrad Schneider (from Isenburg)
Christoph Heitzenröder (from Isenburg)
Jost Lohrengel (from Isenburg)
Johannes Gerlach (from Isenburg)
Georg Blitz (from Isenburg)
Christian Mai (from Isenburg)
Johannes Georg Bund (from Isenburg)
Johannes Bäcker (from Isenburg)
Konrad Lotz (from Isenburg)
Andreas Grün (from Isenburg)
Konrad Schäfer (from Isenburg)
Philipp Schlegel (from Isenburg)
Ernst Müller (from Isenburg)
Jakob Grasmück (from Isenburg)
Johannes Meisinger (from Isenburg)
Elisabeth Dobin (widow, from Isenburg)
Wilhelm Bengel (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Kleinfelder (from Isenburg)
Johannes Reuss (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Jackel (from Isenburg)
Philipp Leichner (from Isenburg)
Philipp Scheidt (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Scheidt (from Isenburg)
Konrad Roth (from Isenburg)
Philipp Kaiser (from Isenburg)
Karl Rutt (from Isenburg)
Andreas Kling (from Isenburg)
Adam Eurich (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Magel (from Isenburg)
Jost Bender (from Isenburg)
Johannes Weisheim (from Isenburg)
Konrad Weisheim (from Isenburg)
1 July 1767 (6 families; 19 male; 14 female)
Johannes Neugard (from Isenburg)
Philipp Brotzmann (from Isenburg)
Kaspar Köhler (from Isenburg)
Friedrich Kräter (from Isenburg)
Stefan Klaus (widower, from Isenburg)
Philipp Zieg (from Isenburg)
18 July 1767 (5 families; 10 male; 9 female)
Hermann Fech (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Raab (from Isenburg)
Markus Kähm (from Isenburg)
Lorenz Eurich (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Eurich (from Isenburg)
8 August 1767 (15 families; 31 male; 24 female)
Philipp Röhrig (from Isenburg)
Konrad Heil (from Isenburg)
Kaspar Kähm (from Isenburg)
Johann Heinrich Keller (from Isenburg)
Georg Frickel (from Isenburg)
Heinrich Engel (from Isenburg)
Johannes Ross (from Isenburg)
Anna Margaretha Weber (widow, from Isenburg)
Heinrich Schleuger (from Isenburg)
Konrad Faust (from Isenburg)
Johanens Schleuger (from Isenburg)
Anna Maria Sinner (widow, from Isenburg)
Heinrich Bäcker (from Isenburg)
Johannes Stumpf (widower, from Isenburg)
Anna Maria Scheibel (widow, from Isenburg)
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