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Volga Colonies
Pre-Volga Origins
Pferdsfeld, Germany
Merxheim, Reingrafen von Grumbach Territory, Germany
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Johann Eberhard Fuchs, a censor in Pferdsfeld, Germany, is the grandfather of Johann Georg Fuchs who was born in 1733 in Merxheim, Reingrafen von Grumbach Territory, and died in 1802 in Hussenbach. Johann Georg Fuchs married Friederica Magdalena Gresser on 24 November 1761 in Offenbach/Glan, Rheingrafen von Grumbach Territory, Germany. Friedrica was baptized on 11 April 1741 in Ilgensheim, Rheingrafen von Grumbach Territory. They arrived in Oranienbaum, Russia, on 14 September 1766 aboard the ship Frau Ditrica, and arrived in Hussenbach in 1767.

Part of this family moved to Frank.

Shirley Hurrell
- Pleve, Igor. Fuchs Family Chart.
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