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Kleingartach, Kr. Neckar, Württemberg
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      Evangelische Kirche Kleingartach records the birth of Johann Jacob Fritzler: 1716 (Zeit) den 19. Aug hor: 4 nativatus est (Tauffling) Johann Jacob (Aeltere) Joh. Jacob Fritzlr et uxor Anna Catharina (Gevatter Leute) Joh. Jacob Gebhart, Metzger; Joh. Jacob Faber ledig stant; Anna Catharina Loblein, Hanss Jerg Loblens Tochter [On 19 Aug (1716) at 4am Johann Jacob Fritzler was born, son of Johann Jacob Fritzler and his wife Anna Catharina. Sponsors: Johann Jacob Gebhart, butcher; Johann Jacob Faber, single person; Anna Catharina Loblen, daughter of Hanss Jerg (Georg) Loblen].
      He married Franziska Catharina Eurich, daughter of Martin Eurich, on 15 Nov. 1740 in Kleingartach, as recorded in Evangelische Kirche Kleingartach records: 1740 Eo die (15 Nov.) Hannss Jacob Fritzlen, Jacob Fritzlens bürger und BauersManns hieselbst ehel. Sohn und Francisca Catharina, Martin Eurig allh. ehel. Tochter [15 Nov 1740 Hans Jacob Fritzler, legitimate son of Jacob Fritzler, citizen and farmer here, married Francisca Catharina Eurich, legitimate daughter of Martin Eurig].
      Franziska was born on 2 June? 1720 to Johann Martin Eurich and Anna Güller (surname uncertain) as recorded in Evangelische Kirche Kleingartach records: (1720) #48 2 Jun? Francisca Catharina; parents Hans Martin Eyrich ux Anna eine geborene ...... aus d. Schweitz reformirt; sponsors: Francisca Catharina Hr Frans Philipp Neinnisen Tochter, Hans Michael, Christoph Sachsenheimers Sohn, und Catharina, Hanss Düntzen? bürgers zu Niederhofen ehfrau.
      Jacob Fritzler applied to move to the colonies in Denmark. Clausen records the family's arrival in Denmark: F 2/3 Christianshof (Weding) 3.-7.12.1761 Ex: Jacob Fritzle 44 + Francisca Catharina 40 + 7 K[inder]; Wttbg. [Württemberg], B[auer], nichts [owns no cash money] 24.5.1765 Abschied begehrt [24 May 1765 petitioned for departure].
      They immigrated to Grimm.
Dona Reeves-Marquardt
- Application of Jacob Fritzler to leave Württtemberg with several adults and several children to go to Jutland/Denmark dated 9 Apr 1761.
- Fritzler Chart, compiled by Igor Pleve.
- LDS Intl Film #1184796.
- Pleve, Igor. Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet, 1764-1767 Band 2 (Göttingen: Göttinger Arbeitskreis, 2001).
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