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City Sentinel
(Hays, Kansas)
The following articles were researched by Rosemary (Wiesner) Larson.

25 January 1877

Ellis County Russians smoke home grown tobacco.

26 January 1877
One of the Monsure* Russians is the finest whistler we have ever heard. He can whistle every variety of whistle from the screetch of a locomotive to the warbling of a nightingale.
[*Monsure = Munjor]

23 February 1878
The denizens of Hartsook* have fenced their graveyard.
[*Hartsook = Hertzog]

20 April 1878
We have mentioned the manner in which our russian people substitute grass, straw and broomcorn for articles usually used for fuel. Some genius has invented a machine for compressing the same and we consider the problem of cheap fuel solved.

27 April 1878
The Russians will plant a large acreage of tobacco this year. The yield was good last year. The reason the Russian men do not whistle is this: They can't do it with a pipe stem between their lips and they never remove the pipe stem. The denizens of Monsure* will manufacture large quantities of syrup from watermelons, the present year. The Russians are very fond of it; but not any for John Henry - not any.
[Monsure = Munjor]

11 May 1878
The Russians of Monsure* indulged in a little frolic last Monday.
[*Monsure = Munjor]

25 May 1878
In conformance with a custom of the land of Russia, a grand frolic will commence at Monsure* one week from next Monday and continue three days. We do not know the programme, but presume dancing will form the principal amusement. The SENTINEL returns thanks for an invitation.
[*Monsure = Munjor]

20 July 1878
One-half of the harvest work in Ellis County was performed by Russian women. A Russian wife is his companion and slave. Her position is removed but one degree from the Indian squaw.
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