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To support research into and preservation of the heritage, history, traditions, and accomplishments
of the Volga Germans.
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Upcoming CVGS Conferences & Events
      During the coming months, the Center for Volga German Studies is sponsoring conferences and seminars in the following locations. The public is invited to attend, so sign up now!!
Fort Collins, Colorado (14 November 2015)
Fresno, California (21 November 2015)
Minneapolis, Minnesota (5 December 2015)
Austin, Texas (6-7 February 2016)
Scottsdale, Arizona (27-28 February 2016)
Leavenworth, Washington (27-29 April 2016)
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (27-30 October 2016)

      Information about registration and a schedule of events can be found on the website of each event. Please contact the CVGS by phone at 503.493.6369 or by email if you have questions.
CVGS Saves Historical Mural
      The Center for Volga German Studies (CVGS) at Concordia University is the proud new steward of The Lord Is My Shepherd, a large-scale painting by Northwest artist Colista Murray Dowling. The painting depicts Christ holding a lamb, tending both a literal and figurative flock of sheep and children, with his "followers" waving pennants and marching forth on a path in the background. Until recently, the painting adorned the apse behind the choir loft of St. Paul's Evagelical & Reformed Church on the northeast corner of the intersection at Eighth & Failing Street in northeast Portland.
      This neighborhood was originally inhabited by immigrant families, predominately Volga Germans. The church was founded in 1904 by several families, many of whom were originally from the Volga German colonies of Brunnental and Grimm. Rev. Jacob Hergert, the first pastor of St. Paul's, was also an immigrant from Brunnental. He led the congregation for its first 17 years.
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Mural at St. Pauls in Portland
Mural as it adorned St. Pauls
from 1938 to 2015

St. Paul's Evangelical & Reformed Church in Portland, Oregon
St. Paul's (1999)
New German Origins Posted to the CVGS Website
      Newly discovered German origins have been posted for the following Volga German families:
Beitz family that settled in Holstein
Gerber family that settled in Herzog
Linenberg(er) family that settled in Mariental & Herzog
Lotz family that settled in Kaneau
Meier family that settled in Shcherbakovka, Kratzke, & Franzosen
Waag family that settled in Grimm
Weiss family that settled in Hölzel & Seelmann
Wilhelm family that settled in Kolb
Wolff family that settled in Grimm
New Translations Available
Translation of the 1834 & 1857 Censuses of Kolb have been completed along with the 1857 Census of Walter. Check the CVGS Census List for availability.
Last updated 11 October 2015.