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Saint Peter Lutheran Church
Little York, New York
70 Little York Road
PO Box 147
Warwick, New York 10090
Telephone: 845.258.4541
      St. Peter Lutheran Church was founded on 5 June 1901 by Volga German immigrants from Yagodnaya Polyana who had settled nearby Pine Island.
      The orignal church burned down on Christmas Eve of 1917 and the present edifice was erected in 1918. A large fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms were added in 1968.
C. George Kaestner
Phillip N. Sallach
Travis Yee (2008-)
- Warwick Historical Papers, Vol. 6, Part 2 (reprint from Warwick Valley Dispatch)
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- Saint Peter Lutheran Church (church website)
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St. Peter Lutheran Church
Pine Island, New York
Source: Richard Cunningham