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La Pampa Province,
      The Executive of La Pampa was created in 1884. It originally included the territory of the Río Negro and other areas and was called "Territorio Nacional de la Pampa Central" (the National Territory of Central Pampa). On 20 July 1951, the Congress of Argentina created the present province at the request of Eva Perón. Until 1955, the new province was actually called Province Eva Perón.
      The agricultural development of La Pampa Province attracted many settlers from other parts of Argentina. The Volga German colonies in La Pampa Province were founded primarily by resettlers from Buenos Aires Province beginning early in the Twentieth Century.
      In June 1931, 320 families relocated to the Chaco Province because of bad harvests and difficult economic situations.
Primary Settlements
- Minetto, José Francisco. "Por la señal de la cruz: Inmigración y Colonias de alemanes del Volga en La Pampa."
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