San Rafael,
Entré Rios Province
San Rafael
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      San Rafael was founded in 1893 by the following men (and their families):
Peter (Pedro) Feser
Johann (Juan) Gareis
Andreas (Andrés) Groh
Peter (Pedro) Groh
Samuel Groh
Johann Georg (Juan Jorge) Haberkorn
Michael (Miguel) Heinrich
Conrad (Conrado) Heit
Nikolaus (Nicolas) Hollmann
Valentin Holzmann
Michael (Miguel) Jacob
Christian (Cristian) Kemmerer
Wilhelm (Guillermo) Kemmerer
Johann (Juan) Kemmerer
Santiago Kemmerer
Johann Peter (Juan Pedro) Kollmann
Lorenz (Lorenzo) Kollmann
Santiago Kollmann
Joseph (José) Krieger
Johann Peter (Juan Pedro) Krieger
Santiago Laumann
Johann Peter (Juan Pedro) Müller
Caspar (Gaspar) Sack
Michael (Miguel) Schamber
Rafael Schächtel
Michael (Miguel) Scoenfeld
Heinrich (Enrique) Schroeder
Franz (Francisco) Schroeder
Johann (Juan) Schroeder I
Johann (Juan) Schroeder II
Peter (Pedro) Schroeder
Andreas (Andrés) Senger
Andreas (Andrés) Senger Jr.
Nikolaus (Nicolas) Senger
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Last updated on 16 August 2010.

Founders of San Rafael.
Source: Oscar Herrlein.

Church of San Rafael.
Source: Oscar Herrlein.