Departamento Diamante,
Entre Ríos Province
Aldea Brasilera, Brasilera, Brasiliendorf, San José
31°52' S 60°37' W
      Brasilera was founded in Entre Ríos Province in 28 October 1879 by Volga Germans who had first settled in Brazil in 1878 and then resettled to Argentina the following year. They had been granted the right to settle on Farm No. 224.
      The following are listed as founders of Brasilera:
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Basgall
Joseph (José) Stang
Joseph (José) Frank
Johann (Juan) Spahn
Andreas (Andrés) Schechtel
Jakob (Santiago) Lechmann
Joseph (José) Lechmann
Adam (Adán) Sommer
Jakob (Santiago) Sommer
Georg (Jorge) J. Sauer
Johann (Juan) Feser
Peter (Pedro) Roth
Georg (Jorge) Elher
Peter (Pedro) Baron
Mattias (Matías) Baron
Kaspar (Gaspar) Baron
Michael (Miguel) Baron
Andreas (Andrés) Schwindt
Johann (Juan) Bahl
Johann (Juan) Haim
Joseph (José) Eberle
Philipp (Felipe) Eberle
Adam (Adán) Dome
Jakob (Santiago) Dome
Georg (Jorge) Dome
Philipp (Felipe) Schmidt
Adam (Adán) Schmidt
Joseph (José) Streitenberger
Johann (Juan) Streitenberger
Andreas (Andrés) Hartwig
Sebastian Schwerdt
Georg (Jorge) Simon
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Volga German Congregations
1881 Census of Barsilera (Jorge L. Guttig)
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Map of Brasilera (1921).
Source: Restaurante Munich, Brasilera.

Plaque showing the founders.
Source: Graciela Gulino.

Brasilera monument to the founders.
Source: Graciela Gulino.

Homage to the founders on the 75th Anniversary of Aldea Brasilera.
Source: Graciela Gulino.

School in Brasilera.
Source: Diamante Turismo.