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Common Lyrics & Musical Transcriptions
       There are over 800 songs included in the typical Wolga Gesangbuch. Some of the most familiar and popular of those are included here with lyrics in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
       An individual congregation, parish, and even family may have its favorite versions of these tunes. Since these are not strict translations of the hymns, but rather versions or renditions of them, none can claim to be "correct." If you have additional renditions/translations of those listed, or would like to include additional songs, please send them to the CVGS Webmaster. We would like to capture the development of the Volga German culture through these variations, so please share.
       Also listed here are songs other than those included in the Wolga Gesangbuch that were popular among the Volga Germans.
Last updated 23 December 2009.