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Friedrich Wilhelm Dsirne
      Friedrich Wilhelm Dsirne was born 5 May 1835 at Salis, Latvia. He was the son of David Dsirne, a parochial teacher, and Lise. He died 4 September 1872 of cholera in Atkarsk. He was married to Wilhelmine Alwine Kordes on 9 August 1861 in Dorpat, Estonia. She was born 14 September 1839 in Werro, Latvia, the daughter of architects Ferdinand Kordes and Alwine Lütten. She died 19 April 1928 in Reval, Estonia.
      From 1853 to 1857, he was a student of theology in Dorpat, Estonia. From 1857 to 1858, he was a teacher in the private school in Jakobstadt. From 1858 to 1859, he worked at the Schmidt's sanatorium in Fellin. On 18 October 1859, he was ordained, and from 1860 until his death in 1872, he served as pastor and teacher in Katharinenstadt.


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