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Volga German Master File
      Genealogical information can be a valuable tool in researching disciplines such as medicine, education, politics, and socio-economic migration. For this reason, the Center maintains a "Volga German Master File" of genealogical data.
      The Volga German Master File (VGMF) is a project of the Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University and is intended to support the Mission of the Center. All those included in the Center's definition of Volga German are candidates for inclusion in the VGMF. It is not merely a list of individual people, but links families together by relationship (to the extent we can determine this). Various reports can be generated from the data, including ancestry and descendancy.
      The VGMF database may be accessed by the public at the Center for Volga German Studies in Portland, Oregon. Only print output is permitted from the VGMF (no downloading). A CVGS-trained staff member or volunteer must also be available to assist with research. There is no charge for using the database in the Center; printouts of ancestral charts and family group sheets are available for 25 cents per page. If you are unable to visit the Center, volunteer researchers from the Oregon Chapter of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) may be available to do research at the Center on your behalf. Contact Shirley Hurrell for information about cost and the availability of researchers.
      The Center welcomes contributions of data to the VGMF in the form of GEDCOM files. If you would like to contribute genealogical data to the VGMF, contact Brent Mai, CVGS Director, for further information.
VGMF Data Acceptance & Use Policies
      The Center for Volga German Studies maintains the Volga German Master File (VGMF) with data voluntarily contributed to the Center along with research conducted by the Center's employees and volunteers. Anyone may contribute data, but the CVGS is not obligated to load all data received.
      The information contained in the VGMF is believed to be accurate, but each researcher is responsible for verifying the accuracy to their own satisfaction. If errors and/or discrepancies are discovered, the CVGS appreciates being notified so that appropriate notes can be made in the database about the errors and/or discrepancies.
      From time to time, a de-duping process is performed on the database. Great care is taken to accurately match duplicate records and create new links among families.
      The VGMF will not be made openly available on the Internet. Downloading data in electronic format is not permitted. Users must come personally to the CVGS to use the database in the presence of a trained employee or volunteer, or hire one of the trained members of AHSGR's Oregon Chapter to do searching for you, as outlined above.
Last updated 28 August 2013.
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