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Headline: Those who fell in the Rebellion
Page 7, Die Welt-Post, Thursday, March 16, 1922

This is the list of names of the fallen Volga Germans in the battles of the big rebellion in the early part of the year in the Volga region, as well as those executed by the Revolutionary Tribunal and also those missing.

Brabander (Seelman): Killed in Action: Georg son of Mart. Schewalje, Roohs son of Peter Rach, Anselmus son of Jos.Vogel, Jonas son of Georg Behm, Alexander son of Peter Stark, Peter son of Michel Schewalje, Albert sonb of Johs. Abt, Alexander son of Peter Sommer, Linus son of Johs. Schewalje, Peter son of John. Makeker.

Dehler (Seelmaener): Killed in Action: 5 persons (names unknown)

Seelman (Bez. Stadt): Killed in Action: Konstantin Glock; Executed: Adam son of Andreas Paul, Georg son of Andreas Paul, Heinrich son of Peter Baer, Andreas son of Johs. Raab, Georg son of Adam Dietrich, Peter son of Peter Zimmerman, Johs. son of Andreas Dantaeumer, Georg son of Johs. Dantaeumer, ? son of Johs. Dantaeumer (brothers), Johs. son of Philipp Seewald, Alexander son of Wilh. Baer, Johannes Niemann, Philipp son of Peter Beimler, ? son of Joseph Beimler (son), Alexander son of Adam Frank, Johns. son of Peter Hess, Joseph son of Johs. Haach, Heinrich son of Jakob Mueller, Jakob son of Jakob Mueller, Adam son of Johs. Stangewitz, Johs son of Johs. Stangewitz, August son of Konst. Koujatlowski, 23 persons (names unknown), Missing: Karl Maibach

Eckheim (Seelmaenner): Killed in Action: Heinrich son of Jakob Korch, Friedrich son of Georg Korch, Executed: Konrad Zisch, Jakob Eberhardt, Missing: Johs. son of Friedr. Suchhaus, Heinrich son of Friedr. Suckhaus, Friedrich son of Adam Mai, Heinrich son or Heinr. Ellsasser, Heinrich Keller, Jakob Wasenmuller, Adam Koch, Johs. son of Jakob Laimann, Konrad son of David Kedrbs, Alexander son of Daniel Schaefer, Heinrich Koch, Georg Jagel, Jakob son of Johs. (line obscured), Friedrich son of Friedrich Wittman.

Hussenbach (Seelmaener): Killed in Action: Jakob Kisselmann, Kaspar Meier, Jakob Lais (Klasse), Jakob Klein, Konrad Pauli, Kath. Simon nee Kail, wife of Jakob Simon, Friedr. Pfeifer. Executed: Jakob Erbes, Heinrich Schwarz, Gottlieb Hamburg, Heinrich Kisselmann, August Kirschstein, Georg Hamburg, Heinrich Hamburg, Wilhelm Lais, Goerg Rempel, Alexander Pinnecker, Georg Sugges, Heinrich Sugges, Johannes Stroh, Philipp Reiter, Heinrich Velker, Leonhart Dietz, Georg Mehling, Konrad Heinze, Christ Schiffner, Georg son of Heinrich Lais, Heinrich Eisel, Heinrich Huegel; The following 9 men, after judgement in the Tribunal, were impoverished and after a long period of agony, starved to death in prison: Heinrich Schwarz, Jakob Pfeifer, David Erbes, Jakob Hempel, Jakob Hartung, Alexander Dietz, Jakob Staerkel, Konrad Wink, Jakob Geist.

Rohleder (Katharin): Killed in Action: Georg son of Michel Spoetter, Peter son of Joseph Kapp, Executed: Friedrich son of Michel Spoetter, Peter son of Joseph Kapp: Missing: Friedrich son of Michel Spoetter, Sebastian Rokker, Joseph Klassmann, Nikolaus Paul, Florian son of Nik. Paul, Simon son of Christ Paul, Joseph son of ? Paul, Joseph son of Peter Paul, Alexander son of Johs. Paul, Joseph son of Anton Paul, Jakob son of Franz Paul, Florian son of Franz Paul, Adolph son of Franz Paul, Michel son of Anton Kapp, Franz son of Franz Doppler, Bonifatius Schwieger, Konrad Schwieger (brothers), Alexander son of Ant. Schoenberger, Peter son of Franz Schoenberger, Johs. son of Joseph Schoenberger, Florian son of Fl. (Schoenberger) Klassmann, Anton son of Anton Raim, Joseph son of Joseph Kapp, Simon son of Franz Deimling, Joseph son of Mich. Dreiling, Joseph son of ? Kohlmann, Peter son of ? Glockner, Alexander son of Johs. Graef, Joseph Springer (Village Scribe), Franz son of Anton Deppler, Johannes Weber, Andreas Schweiner, Nikolaus son of Blasius Auer, Peter Lederhos, Alexander Schaefer, Anton son of Jakob Walter. Missing: Johs. son of Johs. Rohlaeder, Johs. son of ? Wittmann, Nikolaus son of Nik. Auer.

Graf. Katharinenstadt: Executed: Father Gottlieb Bewatz, Nikolaus Dreiling, his son and little grandson, Alexander son of Peter Riedel, Nikolaus Windholz, Peter Just. 18 persons (names unknown) killed by the Tribunal.

German Krasnojar (Katharinenstadt): 5 Killed in Action (names unknown). Executed: Johs. Peif and his son Alexander Peif.

Risenheim (Kath.) Executed: 3 persons (names unknown).

Reinwald (Kath.) Executed: ? Langemann, ? Langemann (brothers), David Fleck, Alexander Eirich, 46 persons (the majority by the Tribunal).

Schulz (Kath.) Executed: Gottlieb son of Gottfr. Saessler, ? Trippel.

Reinhardt (Kath.) Executed: 30 persons (names unknown).

Alt-Urbach (Kath.) Executed: 10 persons (names unknown).

Schaefer (Kath.) Executed 2 persons (names unknown).

Brunnental (Seelm.) Killed in Action: Wilhelm Stroh, Wilhelm Berum, Johannes Melinger, Johannes Borgenz, Wilhelm Gruenwald. Executed: Jakob weber, Johannes Becker, Georg Seibel, David Stroh, Johs. Leonhart Seibel, Johannes Schaefer, Karl Mueller, Friedrich Honstein with Pastor Johannes Grasmueck, Johannes Gruenwald, Wilhelm Schauermann, Heinrich Stroh, Alexander Schaefer, Wilhalm Wagner, Johs. Konrad Gruenwald, Heinrich Koch, Konrad Ebenberger, Adam Los, Heinrich Seibel, Johannes Hartung, Heinrich Hartung, Heinrich Hardt, Friedrich Gister, Heinrich Wiederspan, Konrad Lebsack (his wife judged and imprisoned by the Tribunal, starved to death), Konrad Gruenwald, 36 persons (names unknown).

This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.