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Maps of Individual Volga German Colonies

Map of Neu-Hussenbach (1888) Map of the daughter colony of Neu-Hussenbach in 1888.
Source: Samara Archives.

Map of Dietel and vacinity Contour map showing the colonies of Dietel, Kautz, Kratzke, Rothammel, and Sewald. Source: Captured War Documents held by the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Stahl am Karaman Map of Stahl am Karaman (1941).

Dietel Map Map of Dietel.

Map of Alexanderhöh (1926)
Source: Die Namengebung zweier Wolgadeutscher Dörfer, 1983.

Map of Balzer

Map of Kukkus

Map of Dinkel
Source: Sharon White

Map of Frank
Source: David Eisenach

Map of Hussenbach (1940)
Source: David Eisenach

Map of Herzog (1920)
Drawn by Johannes Riedel in 1968

Map of Lilienfeld (1930)

Map of Mariental (1941)

Map of Katharinenstadt (1933)
(Called Marxstadt at the time)

Map of Morgentau (1932)

Map of Orlovskay

Map of Rosenberg
Source: Richard McGregor

Map of Schuck

Map of Schulz (1919)
Source: Fred Zitzer

Map of Straub (1891)
Source: Rev. J.C. Schwabenland

Map of Zürich

Map of Colonies along the Nachoi River (1860)
Source: Die Namengebung zweier Wolgadeutscher Dörfer, 1983 (p.14).

Map of the land allocation for Kratzke (1857).
Source: Volgograd Archives (302.4.428).

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