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Advisory Council
      Concordia University has appointed the following to be members of the CVGS Advisory Council:

  • Valerie Miller, Aurora, Oregon, Chair
  • Michael Miller, Fargo, North Dakota
  • Maggie Hein, Glencoe, Illinois
  • Dr. Richard Scheuerman, Richland, Washington, Board of Academic Advisors Representative
  • Cheryl Franceschi, Portland, Oregon, Concordia University Foundation Representative
  • Purpose
          The CVGS Advisory Council will provide recommendations to the CVGS and Concordia University (CU) regarding planning for and implementation of the goals and objectives of the CVGS.
    The CVGS Advisory Council will:

  • Advise the CVGS and CU on matters relating to the operations of the CVGS.
  • Develop operating procedures in collaboration with CU.
  • Assist the CVGS director and Concordia Foundation in developing an action plan for pursuing potential funding sources.
  • Assist the CVGS Director and the Concordia Foundation in evaluating and revising the funding plan and report quarterly.
  • Review and provide recommendations on the CVGS project funding.
  • Participate with CU in the hiring of staff for the CVGS.
  • Advocate for and increase the visibility of the CVGS.
  • Provide feedback to the CVGS regarding the effectiveness of its media policies.
  • Membership
          Membership on the CVGS Advisory Council is voluntary. Members will serve a minimum two-year term, and will be appointed by the CVGS Director in consultation with the University Provost. Membership on the CVGS Advisory Council will consist of the following:

  • A representative of Concordia University
  • A representative from the CVGS Academic Advisory Board
  • A current volunteer from the CVGS
  • Two constituents of the CVGS

  • Application: To apply for a position on the CVGS Advisory Council, send your contact information (name, address, email, phone number) to Tanya Bushnell, or call her at 503.493.6369. Also, please describe your interest in or association with the CVGS and why you want to be a member of the CVGS Advisory Council; indicate if you belong to an organization already involved with the CVGS; describe your availability to assist the CVGS with communications related to the advisory council's activities; and list any skills or experience that may be of assistance to the CVGS.

  • Meetings will be held quarterly and as needed.
  • The council will elect its chair at the Fall meeting.
  • Notes from each CVGS Advisory Council meeting will be made available to the public.
  • Last updated 1 October 2015.
    Recent Activities
  • Long Range Planning (Executive Summary)
  • Adopted Goals (2013-2018)
  • Meeting Notes

  •       6 February 2014
          15 May 2014
          11 September 2014
          15 January 2015
          10 April 2015